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Behaviour to Neurochemistry

b-neuro - behaviour to neurochemistry

b-neuro™ is a niche service provider of preclinical rodent models of cognition. Our battery of sophisticated cognitive tests and models provides detailed analysis of how a drug candidate can improve cognition across the known domains.

b-neuro provides integrated neurochemistry and behavioural testing services. We analyse how a test agent improves cognitive function by determining its effects on biomarkers of cognitive impairment, and by measuring effects on endogenous neurotransmission through microdialysis.

Our Focus

b-neuro leverages its experience with the sub-chronic PCP model of cognitive and neurochemical deficits. This model has shown robust impairments across a number of cognitive domains, including working memory, attention, executive function, episodic memory and social behaviour (Neill et al. 2010). Drug candidates are evaluated for reversal of this deficit across several domains.

b-neuro assesses the effect of agents on cognitive domains affected in schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, ADHD and Parkinson's disease.
b-neuro tests compounds at all stages of development: early hits, late leads, preclinical and clinical candidates, and marketed agents.

Why work with b-neuro?

  • b-neuro's service is bespoke, reliable, reproducible, and offers well characterised rodent models of cognition.
  • b-neuro's team has over 50 years' experience in animal model development.
  • b-neuro's team has a state-of-the-art understanding of ethology, welfare, and validation through negative and positive controls.
  • b-neuro's team has a long history and extensive experience in collaborating with partners, including academic teams, small and mid-size biotech, as well as big pharmaceutical companies.

With a specialised array of fully-validated tests, and an integrated approach, b-neuro provides a cost-effective, efficient, cognition testing service with a high standard of quality and accuracy.